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Many people are turning to the Internet as a way to help find their next jobs. Why? The reason is simple. More and more employers are turning to the Internet to post their job openings and to begin weeding out possible job candidates. For this reason, if you are looking for a job, you need to know some of the basic online job search tips.

First, like most any other job, you will need a resume. The employer will more than likely ask you to send this to him/her before any real contact is made. This helps in weeding out the potential job candidates from those who are lacking in the experience or qualifications needed.

This means you will need a good resume. It should be one that is well written, with no grammar or spelling mistakes. It also needs to have the precise information such as:

Your correct address, phone numbers (including cell) and email address
Employment history, starting with your most recent and working your way backward. You also need to include with this history, full business names, addresses and contact names and phone numbers.
Education (including internships)
Important clubs or organizations that will make you look like a better candidate for the position you are applying
References, including full names, addresses and contact phone numbers. You should include at least 4, yet have two others on hand. These should include both personal and business related references.

You may also want to have a professional cover letter handy. These are not always used when applying for online jobs. Sometimes you will apply directly on a website and just attach your resume to their application. Yet, if you are applying via email a simple, yet professional sounding cover letter may give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd of potential employees.

Now that you have the basics covered it is time to begin searching for that next dream job. Where do you begin?

At your favorite search engine?

What about Craigslist?

This is a growing site that allows people to advertise for sale items and help wanted listings. See if there is a listing for the city in which you reside.

What about at some of the top job banks?

There are dozens of these. Here are a few examples:

Career Builder

This site will allow you to post your resume. Then you can search for jobs by: location, job title and salary desired.


This site will also allow you to post your resume. They have jobs across the country and even internationally.

Yahoo! Hot Jobs

You can post your resume. Then you can search jobs by career field, location or company.

There are literally hundreds of job search engines online today. For this reason, you may have to search many sites before you find your ideal job. Remember you are not the only one out there looking for a new or better job. Plus, the bigger the site is the more competition you may have. For this reason, you may wish to look at smaller niche sites.

You may find some jobs by exploring jobs by state directories or your local chamber of commerce online directory. Many counties also have online one stop job centers.

While you are searching each site, be sure to post your resume. Also apply for any and every job that interests you. Follow the posting directions on how to apply. Some will state that you fill out the web sites application, other ads will have you follow a link that will take you to their private website and on toward further explaining of the job and the application process.

It is also a good idea to use one valid email address for all your applications. Make sure it is a working email address, not one that is full or one that bounces a lot of your email into your spam folder. Of course, after applying for several positions, you should begin checking your email regularly.

You may also want to sign up for regular email alerts on jobs. These can be found at many job sites. You just mark what types of jobs that interest you by type or location and a notice is sent to your email box once a job marked with that description is displayed.

Online job searching can be an exhausting endeavor. But by following these simple online search tips, it may be a little easier and in the end you could find out that it was a rewarding endeavor. Just remember as in any job search it can take time, patience and dedication on your part. But once you find that perfect job, it is well worth it.

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Article by Neil Sears

There is a good reason why publishers are nevertheless in business, even in this age of so-referred to as “self-publishing.” The ac

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tuality is, readers rely on industry experts to assure that very well-edited novels and brief stories make it on to the book retail outlet shelves. That’s exactly where literary agents, editors, and publishers arrive in. Yet novice writers typically make the deadly error of assuming that literary agents and publishers will forget about small tale submissions littered with typos, bad grammar, and bad spelling – so prolonged as the gatekeepers are blown absent by the writer’s good storytelling power (embodied in individuals tale elements pointed out previously mentioned). But yet again, in an age wherever time is money, the gatekeepers use the rule of thumb that typos are the mark of a sloppy craftsman. No matter how fantastic your brief story certainly is, you will court a death by typo if you endeavor to provide your limited story with a poorly edited submission.

Pick AN Fascinating Issue

If you happen to be examining this far into the report, chances are you’re actually looking for useful guidelines to publish short stories that sell. Composing brief tales for self-expression is nice remedy, so extended as you might be sane adequate to comprehend that probably only a quite minimal viewers is intrigued in perusing a brief tale about the joys of fly-fishing among elderly villagers in Latvia. On the other hand, writing about pistol-packing, death-dealing mamas is not precisely assured to spark reader fascination, either. The key is to be fascinating and diverse at the very same time. Having your character take out a gun and blow another person away is not all that fascinating or distinct. You require not normally fall back on the <em>Lifeless Body Tactic For Engaging Reader Curiosity</em>.

The critical to choosing an exciting issue is to obtain an organically satisfying and engaging unity of <em>all</em> your story things – a mixture of plot, character, concept and setting that arrives off as clean and interesting at the exact time. The interest will arrive from the method in which you weave these story elements jointly.

Coming back to the joys of fly-fishing amid elderly villagers in Latvia, you may possibly very nicely pull this one particular off if it is a backdrop for a plot with an unexpected turn – one that unveils refreshing character interactions though highlighting a theme that, say, delivers us a new thematic perspective on, say, our popular mortality fears. Not certain how the Latvian piece matches in, though. But that, maybe, is a lesson for yet another day.

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About the Author

Neil Sears is fond of storybooks when he was a kid. He wrote his individual storybooks when we grew up.

Story to sell

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Neil Sears is fond of storybooks when he was a kid. He wrote his individual storybooks when we grew up.

Story to sell

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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