Discover How You Can Find Legit Work At Home Jobs For Mom In Just 6 Steps And 5 Minutes Flat

I am sure you have heard that you can make money online and that there are a lot of ways to find work at home jobs for mom or anyone, but sometime it seems not so simple, there are a lot of ways to find this jobs and most of the times moms get co

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nfused either with the technology or with the overwhelming information that is available online.

Who do you trust? where to you start looking? Im going to show you a way to find work at home jobs for mom in just a few minutes. This is just a way to do it, you have to understand that everyone is different and you might have different skills and abilities that can use to work. Sometimes some jobs will pay you more if you have some specialized skills rather than general abilities.

Here is what I am going to do to find Work at Home Jobs for mom:

1) I am going to a classified ad site where thousands of people post jobs and its categorized by state. There you will find a lot of opportunities and different jobs either at home or out of home.

2) I start looking around and at the right hand side of the site, there is a list of all the US States, I will choose New York, I want to find jobs from New York or from businesses that are in New York, so i click on “New York”

Now you will see at the Top of the Page it says new york city, down are all the classified ads from new york city.

3) You can see there are different categories like, community, personals, discussion forums, housing, for sale, services, jobs, gigs and resumes. We are interested in the jobs section.

In the Jobs section you can see that there is, accounting, admin, arch, biotech, business, customer service, education, general labor, marketing, etc. There is an extensive list of different areas of jobs.

4) After looking at all the areas in the Jobs section and depending on what previous experience i have or what i would like to work I will choose a area. I like to do customer service o I click on the “customer service” link with in the jobs section.

Now you will find different job postings categorized by day. Today, as I am looking the jobs I can see this postings:

Raise Funds and sell subscriptions for Great Arts Institutions
customer service representative
Apply Today-Start 3/13 Cust Serv 50 People M-F 3pm-11pm
Great Part Time Job- Data Entry/Customer Service
Client Services Manager
and more

5) There are a lot more jobs postings but these are the first ones I saw. I like to choose the 4th job because it is about Data entry/customer service, i can do it from home part time and i believe is great for a work at home jobs for mom, so I will click on that link and see what the job posting description is.

The description of the job posting says:

Part time, very flexible 10-15 hours per week

position: Data Entry/ customer Service

Company: Credit card services company

hours of work: 10:00am-4-15pm

pay $ 20/hr

After looking at the description of the job and think it is a great option for working from home. The job is easy and the pay i good, I could do it part time or full time.

6) The last step is to send an email to the person that posted this job description,
at the top of the page I see a link that says: Reply to: job-2344323 @
so i send to the corresponding person an email. Be sure to tell him what experience you have, your phone number, your interest and if you want the work part time or bull time.

As you can see I found Work at home jobs for mom in just 6 steps online and in a few minutes. Now you will have to wait to receive a response from the company or person of the job posting. Its a very simple process and you can find hundreds of jobs in a matter of minutes.

There are many other ways to find jobs online, is just one of them, other ways is to work as a freelancer a freelancer is someone who works by himself at his own hours, you provide the skills that you have as a service to other people, all the jobs are done online and are very flexible, just look for the freelance networks and you will find a lot of options.

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You need a lot of passion for what you’re doing because its so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up. So if youre not having fun doing it, if you dont absolutely love it, youre going to give up. And thats what happens to most people, actually. If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times its the ones who love what they do, so they could persevere when it got really tough. And the ones that didnt love it, quit. Because theyre sane, right? Who would put up with this stuff if you dont love it? So its a lot of hard work and its a lot of worrying constantly. If you dont love it, youre going to fail.

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Your Top Job Choice – 8 Steps To It

Many of us have a dream job in mind. But too often we accept jobs that aren’t up to our potential. We stick to jobs that offer stability, or convenience or some other solution. While it seems a simple task to make a resume and send it out to a list of prospective employers, that process is sometimes problematic. For some of us, there is some fumbling and adjustment of the search process till the first job interview calls arrive. So, focus and planning become key elements of a job search, if you want it to be successful. In this article we’ll cover those areas of a job search that work together to help you find preferred career employment, and not just another job.

First of all, you must define your objective: Once you’ve determined your labor-of-choice, compare that to your skill sets, and the skill sets required to perform the job you want to pursue – do you have those skills? The answer requires some self-evaluation. List and review an earnest inventory of your interests, talents and abilities, job experiences and preferred labors, determining therefrom the industries and areas of endeavor that you prefer to pursue. Be as vague or specific as you require. Use the results of those internal inquiries to organize a well defined job search campaign.

Once you have determined your goals, write an effective resume which addresses key aspects of the job/industry reflected in your goals. If your job search goals include more than one job title, create a separate focused resume for each title, highlighting qualifications to match the type of employment you want to perform. Show through the words and form of the resume content where you are headed in your career, what you can do within that work environment, what you have done – as you express your employment resume record. Strive to exhibit your resume content in a way that seems to satisfy the issues a prospective employer may address relative to the job in question. See things from the employer’s perspective — what qualities do they seek for the position? What skills do they require? What issues are they seeking to resolve in the job? Your resume should illustrate an answer to those questions and more.

Professional references become your next interest. A dream job will sometimes require you have earnest, reliable, professional references, thereby verifying your credentials and skills. In fact, I suggest serious job seekers collect written references prior to beginning their job search. Know what a person will say about you before they say it to a prospective employer. A standard professional reference on letterhead is usually a short, non-specific letter-of-introduction with a complimentary tone. Collect them now, so you have them later. As an alternative approach, consider creating a basic reference check document to collect and organize select references. Design the document to identify the date, names of the players, contact details, and to acknowledge it is a written reference to support you. By including each person’s contact information, it’s easy for a prospective employer to verify the validity and value of the reference, if they choose to make a direct contact. The reference sheet could also include questions relating to job titles, basic job duties, general employment dates, and more revealing open ended inquiries like: how well you did on your job?, how you treated others?, your strengths and weaknesses?, technical or administrative skills, and maybe a short area for final comments. Make it one sheet. One side. Keep things simple. When an individual agrees to use your reference form, instead of company letterhead, you focus them on topics important to your goals.

Now it’s time to create a distribution list for your new, highly defined resume(s) and written references. Use that list to start generating interest from select employers that move you towards your dream job goals. Make a list of preferred employers. Use internet search engines and job post web sites to identify job openings of the sort you prefer; also use regional and local newspapers, library directories, State and County employment offices, and other job post sources to find companies that offer the sort of employment you seek. Include all matching employers, even if it seems a preferred company is not hiring now, still include them. Gather names, addresses, titles, phone numbers, job details, etc. The list will help you reach out to draw attention to your skills and talents. Create a comprehensive list, put your favorite employers first. Research each key employer choice. Information gathered on preferred employer firms will help you later at a job interview, to show you are motivated and interested; and to help you determine who to contact at a given company to get the job process started.

If your job search is not confidential, as you organize your job search, strive to network with people you know from your industry of choice, like allied industry specialists, suppliers and vendors and such. Talk about business but inquire about job opportunities. And don’t limit your career networking only to industry contacts. Consider those in your community who may have a job lead to offer – maybe a teacher or neighbor, a cousin or other family member, people you may know from a club, church, association or other organization. Don’t impose on relationships, but consider your logical, reasonable choices.

Next, it’s time to begin to set up job interviews. Create a simple, clearly defined cover letter for your resume. Use it to introduce your immediate value to the company and intention to pursue employment with them, and the job you seek. But keep it simple. Make it clear you hope to set up a face-to-face job interview, or as a distant second choice, a phone discussion. Combine that with your resume. Distribute those two documents to your list of prospective employers. Use whatever means required to deliver your resume, including fax, email, postal service, by disc, etc. It’s okay to send a resume to more than one individual at a large organization. Follow up those resume sends with a phone call, no more than five business days after the resume distribution. Keep a hardcopy of your resume nearby for quick reference when unexpected phone inquiries arrive for details about your background.

The defining event in your job search is the job interview itself. Don’t leave the outcome to chance. Plan. Practice. Know what you are going to say at the interview. Don’t expect you will offer up the perfect answer to important interview questions unless you have anticipated the questions first and prepared for them. Research the questions and the answers. Be thorough. Write out your answers. Writing helps focus ideas. Practice your answers till they flow and are simply stated and make good sense. Use examples from your own employment experiences to illustrate concepts or skills. Have a friend or partner read your interview questions, and critique your answers to them. Don’t convince yourself you can do a great interview without performing the tasks suggested above. Don’t leave to chance the outcome of your dream job employment interviews. Prepare in advance.

After any job interview, send each person you met at the interview a follow up communications – a thank you. Like the resume distribution, the follow up message could be delivered by fax, email, a thank you card – just so you convey to the interviewer(s) your thanks for taking time to interview you. That message also gives you a forum to briefly tout the advantages of having you as an employee, and your continued interest in employment with their firm, and what you’d like to see happen as the next step of the process.

Follow the 8 guidelines above and you will improve your chances of landing your dream job. Don’t fudge on these job search tasks. Be thorough in your work. Challenge yourself to do your best. Your efforts will be expressed the first day you start work at your dream job.


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Mark is Recruit Consultant to where Jobseekers access 2 Million job transactions; and operator of []

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