Russian jobs

So you know the beautiful Russian language, and want to pursue a job that involves extensive use of the language. People fluent at languages like you are lucky as today’s global organizations offer various job opport

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unities to multi-lingual employees. In fact, the additional languages you know add spice to your resume and give you an upper hand while looking for jobs.

One of the most lucrative Russian jobs high in demand today is Russian translation jobs. International organizations require people who can help them communicate with their Russian counterparts, and vice versa during meetings, presentations and even while giving speeches.

However to get Russian translator jobs, you not only have to be fluent in the Russian language, you should also master some additional skills.

One such skill is the mastering of synonyms so that you don’t make translations like other translators using only one translation for each word.

Variants in languages

While a boy is always a boy and a book is always a book, most languages have variants. Sometimes there are changes in meanings or tone and sometimes the words are fit for special texts only.

This is why the more Russian synonyms you know for an English word and vice versa, the more choice of words you have for your translation. Practice using these synonyms in your translations and you will soon master these synonyms too.

Never underestimate the power of research

Another skill you require to excel in your Russian translator jobs is to believe in research.

Once you think that you can’t translate a word or a phrase, don’t’ just skip it and write something else that seems to give the closest meaning.

Remember as a translator, you have to completely understand your text. If you do not find the meaning in the dictionary, use Google, wiki and other information sources to find the meaning of the word.

You could hold discussions with other native speakers or Russian translators, or join forums, Facebook groups and communities for Russian translators for help in finding the exact meaning of the word.

While pursuing Russian translator jobs, you have to learn to think about the reader while making a translation. Sometimes, the text you have to translate is not only hard to translate, but even difficult to read. In such situations, you can make slight alterations so that the resultant text is easy and conversational and easily understood by the people who will hear your translation.

Read, watch and listen to as much Russian as possible

Once you get a Russian translator jobs, you have to maintain the habit of reading, watching and listening to books, TV shows, movies, music, press and even talk to people for maximum exposure to the Russian language. By doing this, you improve your Russian vocabulary and even learn to use different figures of speech in different situations.

So you can see that though lucrative, Russian translation jobs involve lots of hard work. You have to constantly improve your Russian translator jobs skills and broaden your knowledge of the Russian language. However once you master these translator skills, you will be able to excel in one of the most sought after Russian jobs, as a translator.

Dan Whitehouse is a writer for Top Language Jobs