Jobs In Mumbai For Freshers Or Similar Cities Like Chennai And Delhi Are Gaining Appeal

Article by Sanjay Joshi

The inflow of young people and graduates into the metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi is humungous. People from all areas come into these cities with a thought and dream of making it big. A majority of people who arrive in these cities are seeking for jobs and they apply for the jobs with an advantage. Because of the large number of job availabilities, people have the advantage. Even the variety of jobs in these metro cities is many. Since people are having a variety of degrees, one can find a large number of jobs in these cities as per their choice. Some reasons which support the availability of jobs in the metro cities could be:

– Larger cities, especially the metro ones have become places where companies are coming in to establish their offices. The boom in IT and other software sectors have allowed a number of jobs to be on the offering. These cities have been the favorite places for the jobs for the graduates and fresh pass outs, who want to have a job. Jobs in Mumbai for freshers are of many types in the field of information technology, software and other sectors. People who can work in the starting levels are being sought by many companies these days because of the high load of manpower that is required.

– Jobs in Chennai for freshers are also found in large numbers because many international and domestic companies are opening their locations in these cities. Companies want fresh graduates in large numbers and this is an advantage for the students who have recently passed. Another factor that has increased the demands for freshers is because of the easy access to these cities due to good communication, transport and accessibility. In such a case the jobs in Delhi for freshers are also coming up in demand and many young people are going to Delhi to find jobs. The number of jobs is also quite high because of the companies opening up their offices in these cities. This is due to the factor of easy accessibility and spaces in the metro cities.

Companies are hiring newer people to work in their offices because they want these young people to learn the tricks of the trade and it also helps them in rising up the ladder of the office works quickly. Having an experience from such a young age will surely give them opportunities to select their jobs in the future. These options are necessary for the youth to decide about the jobs that they would be taking up in later life.

Those, who want to continue in the same jobs, will work better for themselves in the same job that they took up in the present company. These factors have helped the youth to decide taking up jobs in different companies and they can work through their lives with ease. Jobs for freshers are being increasingly found these days and they are also being picked up by people with enthusiasm. There are a lot of scopes for working in such jobs and they are ready to provide a great platform to people to improve in their lives.

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I Hate My Job: Does This Sound Like Something You Say?

I hate my job.

Do you find yourself saying this on a regular basis?

Do you dread having to face another day at work?

Do you sometimes wish you’d be fired or laid off just to escape your daily prison?

If so, join the club. You might be surprised how many people spend years (and years and years…) staying in the same job that they hate.

If you constantly say to yourself “I hate my job” then it’s time you did something about it.

And if you’re the type of person who keeps telling your friends “I hate my job” and expecting that they will care, you’d really better start doing something about it before you lose all your friends. No one likes to hang around a whiner especially one who says the same thing over and over again without doing anything to fix it.

If you truly hate your job, your personal life can suffer as a result and you can spiral into depression and a feeling of helplessness especially if you can’t see any other options to pursue.

As a recruiter, I can understand why people say “I hate my job” but I can’t understand why they expect me to feel sorry for them when they do nothing to change things!

To fix this situation, first figure out what it is that you hate about your job and either fix it or start looking for a new job. If you truly hate your job, you’ll do something about it rather than just talking about it.

Who wants to spend 8 hours plus per day doing something they hate just to get a check?

Let’s look at a list of possible statements you might be making that show specifically what it is that you hate about your job:

I hate my job. No particular reason needed, you just hate your job. Are you proud of your work? Are there any accomplishments you are happy with? If not, maybe you don’t just need a new job, you need a new career. Start looking outside your current industry. Have you considered self-employment?

I hate my job because I’m underpaid: Easy to fix. Ask for a raise. In this case you don’t really hate your job, you hate the fact that you are underpaid at least in your mind. If you work for a notoriously cheap company, you might need to switch companies. If you work in an industry that doesn’t make its employees rich, you might need to change industries. Money isn’t the best reason to switch jobs but if your salary doesn’t match your lifestyle, something has to change.

I hate my job because it’s boring: Perhaps you have become underemployed. If you are bored, you might not be utilizing all the skills you have or you may have finally realized you are in the wrong industry. Think of what makes you happy and then figure out how you can get paid to do it. I like that old adage that says that if you find a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I hate my job because I hate my boss/co-workers/company: Certainly, you can’t pick your boss or co-workers but you can pick the company you work for. We won’t always get along with everyone we work with so it’s not uncommon to want to switch jobs because of personal conflicts with others. Be careful though: if you find that you have trouble getting along with people at every job you have, maybe it’s not the other people that are the problem.

I hate my job but I can’t quit: Perhaps it’s the stock options, maybe it’s the nice expense account and company car, maybe it’s the high salary that you know you won’t be able to get from another company if you switch jobs. Sometimes “golden handcuffs” prevent people from switching jobs that they hate because they’d have to give up too much if they quit. Then again, I’ve seen instances of people leaving high-paying jobs that they hated to accept lower paying jobs that they are much happier with. You might need to prioritize and figure out what is more important: the money or your happiness. Ideally you’ll have both of course but maybe this is impossible in your current job.

I hate my job because I’m embarrassed of what I do: Maybe you work in an industry that you’ve realized does not fit your morals. Maybe you feel embarrassed to discuss your job or industry with friends who you feel have better jobs that you do. I’ve certainly come across enough job searchers who are ashamed to discuss their job with others. Personally, I think that as long as you are doing something ethical that you like and can earn a reasonable living from, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone thinks this way though. Before making any career-altering decisions, remember that your job must make you happy, not other people.

Working at a job you hate is no way to spend a significant part of your life. If you truly hate your job, you will no doubt see other aspects of your life suffer, too.

Before you can fix the problem of constantly saying “I hate my job” you need to figure out what it is specifically that you hate about it.

Then you can decide what to do to fix it or if it is not fixable, what you are going to be doing next for a living.

Once you do this, you will no longer have to say “I hate my job” and you’ll be happier and more prosperous because of it.

Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter. Carl has helped many job searchers find their dream career and would like to help clear up some of the job search myths that exist while helping job searchers avoid common job search mistakes that cost them jobs.

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