Arabic jobs

People with a fluency in Arabic have the advantage of new job openings today. The demand for Arabic speaking people exists both in and outside the rich Arab world. While most Arabic jobs only require native or near-n

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ative fluency to get the job, some of them require post-graduate or international study.

If you are fluent in both Arabic and English, you should consider taking up Arabic translator jobs and Arabic interpreter jobs. Though both jobs require fluency in both languages, translators work with written work and interpreters work with spoken Arabic.

Translators should be fluent in dialects too

Besides fluency in the two languages, a translator should be well versed with Modern Standard Arabic, as it is the largely accepted written form of Arabic.

However in case of interpreters, they should be familiar with various Arabic dialects as people from different countries speak different dialects, and thus they should be able to handle any Arabic interpretation assignment.

Teaching is another of the popular options for Arabic speaking jobs as there is always a demand for qualified Arabic instructors in universities, community centers and colleges and private language institutes.

Teach Arab classes

Many U.S. private language institutes and universities offer courses in Modern Standard Arabic and dialect classes. However in the Arab world, there are various classes in the local dialects, catering to the communication needs of exchange program students, relocated foreigners and to teach anyone who wants to communicate with locals.

There are also various Arabic jobs available in various levels of positions in nongovernmental and environmental organizations, human rights organizations, women’s centers and Arab cultural centers.

These organizations require people who are not only bilingual, but also bicultural in both US and the Arab world.

The military offers Arabic speaking jobs

Similarly, Arabic speaking jobs are in great demand in the U.S. Foreign Service, homeland security offices and military. This is mainly due to the increased intelligence and military operations that take place in the Middle East.

The jobs offered here range from traditional intelligence jobs to negotiations with local contractors and jobs involving the preparation of documents. The jobs and job requirements for these jobs however vary between government to private military agencies.

The finance field offers various job opportunities too

You can also look for Arabic jobs in the many cities of the Middle East that have become centers of finance and international trade. These cities work as brokers and coordinating points for the trade of vast mineral wealth of the Middle East with cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. So people with a sound financial or business background and knowledge of the Arabic language have various job opportunities to choose from in these sectors.

News organizations and media producers offer Arabic speaking jobs to people to help them organize their Middle East operations. Even those without media or journalism experience can get Arabic jobs in the administrative and organizational fields of these organizations. Arabic translator jobs are also in demand for help in translating documents and contracts outside of Middle East.

Dan Whitehouse is a writer for Top Language Jobs

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Bartending Jobs

The first step in getting a bartending job is getting an interview. Without putting yourself in front of the people who do the hiring you can’t get a bartending job. This step seems simple enough but many would-be bartenders get caught up in t

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he myth of “they won’t hire me without any experience.” Please don’t misunderstand me – some bartending jobs require experience, but most do not.

To make their career successful, bartenders need to have good knowledge of beverages and drinks. They should possess excellent capabilities of mixing drinks accurately without wasting any of it. When it comes to beverages at the bar, there are recipes as well. The bartenders, therefore, need to know about various drink recipes and be able to create new recipes to serve customers with the latest and attract them. It is also the bartender’s job to look after the stock of garnishes.

These professionals need to look after the bar supplies as well.

Something you probably already know is that the cycles of the economy come and go, wax and wane, bull and bear. Something you may not know is that a bartending job may be one of the best ways to recession proof your income. I’ve been behind the wood for over a dozen years now and have worked through all cycles of the economy and here is the weird part. When the economy isn’t doing well, bar business can actually go up.

Start looking before you get fired or quit. It is always good to have a few resumes floating around at other bars or restaurants. After all if you interviewed for a new bartending job and it was going to make you more money, you would likely take the job and quit your current job. This will also give you an idea of what is out there as well.

You can also start locally; just make some enquiries in the bars or restaurants in your locality to get a break. Also post your resume in the top job sites on the internet to find a suitable job. And lastly, join a reputed bartending school and select an institution that have a proven record of placement in the reputable organizations. You will get a list of bartender schools in your area from the yellow pages or from the Internet.

It is important when you choose any job that you take it very serious and you give it all that you’ve got, in order to succeed. If your job pays well and makes you happy, then apparently you are not doing anything wrong, all is good. It does not matter if you are a professional bartender or some high profile business executive, if you are happy and earning enough money, that is when you know you have made the correct choice, as far as a career goes.

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Jobs in Dubai

Article by Naukrigulf

UAE has marked its worldwide presence in generating a number of jobs in all industries, be it oil and natural gas industry or tourism indu

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stry. Dubai has emerged as the most developed emirate due to various reasons.

After finishing the studies, everyone makes up his/her mind towards the career that can lead him/her to success. The learning process, analyzing power and trainings make a person suitable for a particular job, while generating confidence within. It is very important to set an aim in the professional life and remain motivated to reach new heights. Everyone dreams to have a career that can give him an easy and hassle-free life and excel in the career. So it becomes very important to set up a career plan, according to which the graph always keep on escalating and meet the higher standards set by the job industry.

Following recession, the countries have been working hard to improve their economy, generate more jobs in Dubai and increase their revenues. Among the Middle Eastern countries; UAE has marked its worldwide presence in generating a number of jobs in all industries, be it oil and natural gas industry or tourism industry. Dubai has emerged as the most developed emirate due to various reasons.
1. Strategic location of the city, inviting business from every horizon.
2. Improved relations in terms of trade with other countries.
3. Planned local economy, resulting in improved revenue yield.
4. Good working conditions as compared to other Middle Eastern countries.
5. Safety for women.
6. Secured economic position.
7. Easy economic system, enabling free inflow of the investors to business globally.
8. Zero taxation on Income, resulting into lots of savings for the professionals from any country.
9. User-friendly government systems, higher working standards, good frequency of infrastructural development, etc.

It has always welcomed changes, and has grown as a metropolis from a deserted land. The emirate always offers new Dubai jobs and positions to both natives and expats. New talent is always greeted and appreciated here. The areas that have added to the revenues and economy of Dubai are:

1. Petroleum jobs
2. Sales jobs
3. Technology jobs
4. Engineering jobs
5. Marketing jobs
6. Administrative jobs.
7. Banking jobs
8. Hotel and hospitality industry jobs
9. Teaching and education jobs
10. Healthcare jobs, etc.

Such jobs demand candidates who are enthusiast about their work and are ready to work in all types of working environments, achieve their targets on time, and are aware of the latest market developments in their field. The students in UAE are prepared according to the market conditions and the job industry; hence they match properly with the jobs in Dubai.

Language also plays an important part in making the candidates more suitable for the positions. Knowledge of the local language adds to the resume of the candidate and increases the chances of being called up for the interviews and grabbing more and more jobs.
Jobs in Dubai are offered to the professionals according to their caliber, education, work experience, and the way they perform during the interview. Such jobs may be permanent or contractual varying company to company, and the job position. The increased population of the city has also posed demand for more buildings, and thus has led to the increase in the demand for workforce.

The candidates can easily search for Dubai jobs through Internet, where online job portals and online job magazines are of great help. Such websites can help to locate the suitable job with the use of appropriate keyword. The websites provide job listings as per the search. The jobseekers just need to create a login ID with the job portals, submit their resume, and they will start getting regular notifications about the latest job openings. However, the candidates seeking jobs need to check the authentication and reliability of the job portals, before searching jobs.

About the Author

Rashmi Karan writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs or Jobs in Dubai vacancies in dubai and Middle East. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

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Rashmi Karan writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs or Jobs in Dubai vacancies in dubai and Middle East. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

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How to get jobs in Nigeria

Article by Chuks

Is your job huntlike that of a hunt for a small rabbit in huge Amazon forests? Dejected that the interview that you appeared

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for is not exactly the vacancy that you are looking for? Looking for a job in your own city? If yes is what you answer for all the above questions, then chill people. We are here with answers for all your queries regarding job vacancies in Nigeria

The best way to search for jobs is to go online because it is always easy and time consuming. It is said that “Jobs” is the 3rd most searched for term on the internet. It is to be believed that 72% of job seekers have applied for a job online, 65% got an interview and 52% got the job. The best job search web site is the site that aggregates (or collects in one place) job openings from various sources. And we do the same with great consumer service and quality. We are the best blog that publishes latest Job vacancies in Nigeria, employment gist and careers opportunities in Nigeria for graduates and top candidates.
We have it as easier as possible for you to search the job of your choice. You only enter your search one time and you receive all the job openings from the major companies. There is no fee to use the site. It’s free. Once you subscribed with us, you would be getting notifications through e mails whenever there is a job vacancies in Nigeria.
Once you visit our site, you also can find jobs here. We have each category of job vacancies according to the different fields. So if you are looking for an advertising job in Nigeria, you get only those job opportunities available there (in the link) so it is easy to find the jobs without any other confusion where every job vacancies are provided under a single page. You can also search your jobs according to the place that you prefer. For instance there is a separate category called jobs in Lagos, wherein job vacancies in that particular city will be provided.

Reports say that about 97% of job seekers go online to look for<em> job vacancies in Nigeria</em>. Thus we play an important role also from the company perception. So firms that are looking for employees can advertise in our site and can your talented professionals through us. You can advertise your Job vacancies in Nigeria across any of the network of Nigerian job sites and benefit from using multiple job boards in 1 client account. So you pay for one transaction but benefit for advertising in two different sites. Who else can provide this offer other than us? Our Account Management, Support and Customer Service are also of great quality.
Hence, people who are trying hard to find the job vacancies in Nigeria, no need to tire yourself from now. Just visit us and search your jobs with an ease of just clicking your mouse

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About the Author

Hi! I’m Parker Chuks and I love blogging about Jobs in Nigeria. I have been doing extensive research regarding how to get jobs in Nigeria for past 4 years and now I conduct workshops on this matter. You can contact me at

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Hi! I’m Parker Chuks and I love blogging about Jobs in Nigeria. I have been doing extensive research regarding how to get jobs in Nigeria for past 4 years and now I conduct workshops on this matter. You can contact me at

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

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Freshers Jobs

Are you a fresher and looking for a freshers job. This is going to be hard time for you to search jobs in recession it economy, corporations hold on hiring people especially freshers as well corporations lay off their staff. So you are

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in position to challenge with freshers who passed out from universities and university and also with experienced applicant who is laid off by companies.

The current job market have terribly less job opening particularly for freshers with too many competition both from by number of freshers trying for job and the number experienced candidate applying for the job.

It may hard to get job in current market but a positive attitude and clear plan in approach the current job market situation will help you to land in your first job though you are a fresher. Make job looking as a fulltime job and spend your entire day on this process.

Read companies websites, Job sites and employment newspaper for freshers job opening. Be in contact with your friends and peers to know about job openings, walkins, and information about internal recruitments.

While trying for freshers job openings, customise your resume that suit the job requirement for the post you are applying and send your resume with nicely written covering letter to that company. Many firms will not post job opening and they recruits employee through employee referrals and using job database of people that already applied, so you could need to make cold-call to corporations HR dept and ask them whether they have any opening and if they said that they don’t have opening at the moment, then ask their email address to send resume so that they may regard you when there’s a job opening in future.

Being a freshers you must flexible in adjusting to flexible in adjusting to the job timing, income and the job role.

You also need to look jobs in new sectors or sectors which are not touched by recession like domestic promoting, sales, consumer sturdy corporations, and these sectors have sufficient number of job for freshers.

When you attending the interview be assured and do ready for the interview. If you are freshers, the HR manager will look for candidate to be good in their studies and able to answer questions related to their studies..

Ravi Ganesh is a Recruitment specialist, working for, the number one freshers job site to find freshers jobs. Freshersdreams get you the list of freshers jobs posted every day.

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Types Of Jobs – Right Approach For The Right Career

Three main types of jobs are Permanent Jobs, Temporary Jobs and Contract Jobs. Most of people go through more than one type of job during their lifetime. One is always in pursuit of a dream job.

People have different definition

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s of a dream job. Basically whatever the job, one should love what one is doing. Unfortunately a lot of people do not like what they are doing. For them job is boring and is being done out of necessity.

A dream job has to satisfy one emotionally and psychologically, besides meeting one’s financial expectations.

A permanent job provides security, financial certainty, fixed time schedule, medical and other group benefits, annual vacations, pension and belonging to a group.

A temporary or casual job may or may not have all the benefits of a permanent job. As its name implies it is short term in nature and can last anywhere up to 2 years. These are more like contract jobs.

Many times a temporary job translates into a permanent one. Some jobs start temporary as such with a possibility of becoming permanent after certain conditions are met.

Permanent or temporary jobs may not be challenging, diverse and may not make one wealthy. If one does not like a job, these may be become burdensome.

Contract jobs are more like temporary jobs. They suit the temperament of a person who likes diversity of jobs, independent work, possibly a higher income, challenging work, freedom from regular hours and convenience.

Most of the contract jobs are done by people who have some skills and they feel that they are in demand and that they will be able to find work. However, they still run the risk of being out of job for uncertain periods of time. Besides, these types of jobs do not offer any security, benefits or pensions plans.

The greatest advantage of contract jobs is that they take away the routine out of a person’s life and make them to fix their own schedule according to their own convenience. The second major advantage is that they may be high paying and may compensate for the times of inactivity and lack of benefits.

With a contract job, one is free from a boss and able to fix one’s own hours of work. One can also determine one’s own compensation.

Lot of people are more attuned to a day time job, job security and income certainty. That is also because of tradition and because people are afraid of uncertainties. However, most of the people would like to have an independent and convenient job.

Contract jobs suit the temperaments of many people. Fortunately there are many online freelance jobs available. One has to go to the right place to find the right job.

To learn more, please follow this link.

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Legit Online Jobs Where You Can Work From House

Searching for legit Online Job where you possibly can work from home? Including to your family’s earnings is usually one of the easiest ways to enhance personal funds and particularly important when making an attempt to get out of debt. Whether or not your earnings is decrease than you’d like it to be or you’re on the lookout for a lifestyle change — resembling the flexibility to work remotely and by no means from an office — you’ll achieve your targets with onerous work and a few new skills.

There are three fundamental steps when looking for legit on-line jobs the place chances are you’ll do business from home:

1. Keep away from scams and time wasters.

2. Discover a job that matches your skills and interests.

3. Be taught from these which might be successful.

The first is considerably obvious: you simply haven’t bought the time to waste on lifeless ends, issues that do not pay nicely, or outright scams. For example, paid on-line surveys are to be prevented just like the plague. Do you really need to provide away your private info again and again to scores of companies for a few cents every, or with a view to earn a low-price current card? No, thanks. Likewise, anything promising in a single day riches or “automated” something is to be considered with mistrust. Please, don’t hand over $ 200 for a “Automated in a single day net money machine!!” If it had been that easy, everybody and your neighbor would be rolling in it.

Leverage your skilled skills, experience or even hobbies to build a worthwhile on-line business. Are you a author, editor or communications major? On-line writing may very well be a really perfect fit. Do you possibly can have a CPA and tax prep expertise? What a couple of tax recommendation website, with affiliate links to tax prep software program and totally different merchandise? Did you go to culinary faculty or just like to arrange dinner? An web-based menu-planning enterprise may very well be profitable for you. Brainstorm niches by wanting over your resume, education, hobbies and professional certifications.

To achieve success in legit on-line jobs the place chances are you’ll work at home, surround yourself — on-line and off — with people who find themselves making a go of on-line careers. As the saying goes, when you wish to be a millionaire, hang around with millionaires. The identical factor holds true for working within the on-line world — discover a group of webmasters, affiliate entrepreneurs and on-line enterprise house owners who’re as extreme about do business from home enterprise success as you are. There are several glorious online forums that deal with practically each aspect of do business from home corporations; you’ll want to be part of an lively group and get the support and advice you need.

Online Jobs-Online Job is available for everybody, you just have to know your individual abilities to find out on what subject you might be fitted in. Be taught on how you can find an internet job in 7 days or less, visit