Utilizing Job Boards – The Hidden Factors

When looking for a job, there are many hurdles to get over. If you are using internet job boards as part of the mix, there are a number of hidden factors related to this activity that every job seeker should consider while searching for

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employment. No matter what internet resource you are using to search for jobs, it is important to utilize the resource according to its content.

There are many popular and not so popular web sites that offer candidates an opportunity browse available job postings. Unfortunately, many of the most popular resources have some hidden barbs that can lead the job seeker to a point of frustration if the information obtained is not placed into proper perspective. On the internet, there are thousands of job postings, which can lead a job seeker to wonder if they are the only person in the world who lacks the skills needed to find a good job. Many postings contain a list of formidable requirements that many experts in a given field do not have as a prerequisite for applying. If a person does get an interview based on applying for an internet posted job, many of the skills listed in the advertisement do not even come up in the conversation.

Employers and employment agencies use their web postings to find the “ultimate” candidate for a position, thinking that if they post their own dream sheet, the World Wide Web will provide the means for locating hungry candidates with enough qualifications to leap at the chance to utilize all their valuable skills in a low paid opportunity. Many jobs posted will list enough qualifications to cover four or five positions worth of talents, hoping to snare someone willing to jump into a five for the price of one level of responsibility. Potential candidates should apply for jobs that call for the skill sets they do have, and highlight this experience, without providing comment on the other skills that are outside their level of expertise. If the company or agency contacts you for an interview, you have enough of what it will take to be considered for the position.

If you decide to stick with the rocky road of applying for jobs through an internet resource, you will quickly find that many of the “thousands” of jobs listed are repetitive postings from the days, weeks, and months before which remain unfilled. Only a fraction of these jobs are real positions. If a job has been open for months, and a company is serious about hiring a candidate to fill it, they will be more than interested in lowering their standards enough to find someone willing to consider the position.

Many employment agencies engage in posting jobs on internet boards that do not currently exist, just to keep their databases of potential candidates filled with qualified names of candidates they have been able to find jobs for in the past. You can recognize these jobs by applying for them, and finding that you get no response, or if you are contacted for more information, the agency will tell you the position has already been filled, but they will keep your resume on hand to consider for future openings. By the time an agency or company posts a job on the internet to fish for candidates, they have tried and failed to fill the position with all other means available to them from within. An internet posting will get lots of responses by the nature of where the leads are coming from, but there will often be a large number of useless applications to sift through in order to get to the gold. If an agency does post a real job opening on the internet, and you have the qualifications they are looking for, the cycle for getting from application to interview will be very short.

Potential job candidates should limit their tedium by filtering job searches to browse only the most current postings. Though many of these are repetitive, it is possible to get through the local area listings in less time, and record which jobs you have already applied for in the past. If you are going to use a job board, double your chances for being interviewed for a real job by posting your resume to the site. Keep your information at the top of the search listings by refreshing your resume posting date at regular intervals. Focus your efforts on job boards that bring you the best results. You should also use job boards to obtain information about applying for jobs posted directly on company web sites, and be sure to submit your resume there as well. Using internet job boards will not bring a candidate into a gold rush, but an experienced prospector can unearth some occasional nuggets of opportunity. Do not be surprised if many of the leads you get from posting your resume on a job board have nothing to do with the direction you wish to take in advancing your career choices. Just as employers get lots of useless applications, a job candidate will also get lots of useless inquiries.

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