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Are you a fresher and looking for a freshers job. This is going to be hard time for you to search jobs in recession it economy, corporations hold on hiring people especially freshers as well corporations lay off their staff. So you are

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in position to challenge with freshers who passed out from universities and university and also with experienced applicant who is laid off by companies.

The current job market have terribly less job opening particularly for freshers with too many competition both from by number of freshers trying for job and the number experienced candidate applying for the job.

It may hard to get job in current market but a positive attitude and clear plan in approach the current job market situation will help you to land in your first job though you are a fresher. Make job looking as a fulltime job and spend your entire day on this process.

Read companies websites, Job sites and employment newspaper for freshers job opening. Be in contact with your friends and peers to know about job openings, walkins, and information about internal recruitments.

While trying for freshers job openings, customise your resume that suit the job requirement for the post you are applying and send your resume with nicely written covering letter to that company. Many firms will not post job opening and they recruits employee through employee referrals and using job database of people that already applied, so you could need to make cold-call to corporations HR dept and ask them whether they have any opening and if they said that they don’t have opening at the moment, then ask their email address to send resume so that they may regard you when there’s a job opening in future.

Being a freshers you must flexible in adjusting to flexible in adjusting to the job timing, income and the job role.

You also need to look jobs in new sectors or sectors which are not touched by recession like domestic promoting, sales, consumer sturdy corporations, and these sectors have sufficient number of job for freshers.

When you attending the interview be assured and do ready for the interview. If you are freshers, the HR manager will look for candidate to be good in their studies and able to answer questions related to their studies..

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